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Word to powerpoint converter online

Import a Word document

Embed Word content directly into your PowerPoint presentation. You can import a Word document as an object, which inserts a static snapshot of the document. This is useful when the Word document is a single page and has pictures. Another option is to use a Word outline as the foundation for a presentation.

In this article:

Insert a Word document as an object

The easiest way to insert a Word document is to first create your document in Word, then add it to your presentation.

Select the slide in which you want to place the Word document.

Click Insert > Object.

If the Word document already exists, in the Insert Object dialog box, select Create from file.

Click Browse to locate the Word document you want to insert. Select your Word document, and click OK.

Make sure the Link and Display as icon check boxes are clear. Click OK to insert the contents of your Word document as an object.

Note: If you prefer to have your Word document open in Word instead of in PowerPoint, select the Display as icon check box to insert an icon into the presentation. Clicking the icon will open the document in Word.

Tip: You can also insert a linked object. Select the Link check box to make your object a shortcut to the Word document you imported.

Use a Word document as an outline to build your presentation

In your Word document, click Home.

Use Styles to format the content in your Word document.

Highlight the content you want to use as a slide title, and select Heading 1 in Styles.

Highlight the content you want to use as the slide text, and select Heading 2 in Styles.

In the Word document, click File > Save, and then click File > Close.

Note: Your Word document must be closed to insert it into a PowerPoint presentation.

Open PowerPoint, and click Home > New Slide.

Select Slides from Outline.

Find and select the Word document in the Insert Outline dialog box, and click Insert. A new slide will be created for each Heading 1 in you document.

Note: If your Word document contains no Heading 1 or Heading 2 styles, PowerPoint will create a slide for each paragraph in your content.

DWG Conversion

DGN Conversion

Image Format Conversion

File Format Conversion

Word to PPT

At Format Conversion our Word to PPT conversion service converts your Word files to PowerPoint presentations (and vice-versa). We can extract your data, tables, graphs, images and even set up the page for printing. We believe in giving you the best services at reasonable prices, within your stipulated time limit. We can modify your documents according to your instructions.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint is one of the most-used software programs for making presentations using text, graphics, movies, and other objects on individual pages or “slides”. The slides can be printed, or (more often) displayed on-screen and navigated through at the command of the presenter. Slides can also form the basis of web casts. Presentations made with the use of PowerPoint can be made very attractive and interesting with the use of transitions, animation and other special effects. Presentations can be saved and run in multiple file formats: the default .ppt (presentation), .pps (PowerPoint Show) or .pot (template). Impress your clients and business partners by presenting your simple word documents in lively PowerPoint slides.

You can give us the Word files and we will convert the data to editable and presentable PPT slides. The transitions and effects can be as per your needs. We can convert your data into graphs, pie charts, and images and add them to the presentation to make it more captivating and informative. We can also insert videos, shockwave files and audio clips to make your presentations more communicative.

Our active and informative PPT presentations can be used for various Sales campaigns, or just to show an overview of a new product launch, a detailed description of the company profile or for marketing purposes. PowerPoint is one of the most used and accepted format for presentations. Educational institutes use our services for converting detailed class teachings into point-wise presentations, this makes studying much easier and interesting for students. Financial institutes and business houses present their balance sheets or financial records using PowerPoint presentations. We can also convert your word files to printable Presentations which can then be used by you for various purposes.

Many conversion companies use software to automatically transform a Word file to a PPT file, but at Format Conversion we use manual techniques to give you error-free, more attractive and presentable files. When you convert your Word files to PPT presentations using software it does not add in pictures and graphics as per your needs. With Format Conversion a combination of human creativity and latest techniques is what results in a great PowerPoint presentation.

Convert Any PDF to a PPT Slideshow for Free

Safe and Secure


How-to guide

How to convert a PDF to a PowerPoint slideshow online

  1. Open AltoConvertPDFtoPPT.com in your web browser.
  2. Click Choose File, browse for a PDF file on your computer or phone and upload it to the converter.
  3. Click a cloud storage service icon (Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive) to add a PDF stored online.
  4. Wait for your upload to complete. Click Convert Now! to start processing your file.
  5. Click Cancel or the orange trash can icon if you want to go back.
    In the new window, click Work on your PDF and choose what else you’d like to do with your PDF.
  6. Click Download Now and simply save the converted PPTX file to your device.
  7. Click Start over again to repeat the conversion or upload another PDF file.
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The Best Features Comparing Chart

Because of the sheer number of competitors on the web, choosing the best software can be difficult — especially if you don’t correctly weigh up it with the alternate options. Our benchmarking table will help you easily find your favorite tool to Convert PDF Documents to PPTs. Assess the improved features of PDFtoPPT.

Customer Reviews — Trusted by great people

It is free and flexible. I can easily convert PDFs to excellent looking presentations without any clutter. I like this tool for its smart approach.

You can turn your PDF files into PowerPoint presentation format in just a few clicks. The converter is speedy and easy to use. Works for free and without registration.

It’s a tool that is really helpful for me because the PDF file adapts perfectly to presentation format, without having to make additional edits. I can even convert an unlimited number of documents for free.

Your opinion matters!

How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint

How To Convert a PDF into a Powerpoint in Seconds

Conversion of Portable Document Format is an easy task if your mobile or computer device is connected to the Internet. And using a cloud-based converter saves you time and money. There is no need to download or install anything. You also don’t need to get acquainted with a complicated toolkit. Just open, import, convert and save. Once you convert your file, you will see the benefits of your presentation. PPTs help to make presentations more interactive and improve the quality of listeners. For example, one can add to a speech audio and video effects or animation for elements that can appear on every page. The file format changing process goes like this:

  1. The Website is opened by the user.
  2. The file uploads to the online platform.
  3. The conversion process takes place.
  4. Save the final file version to your computer or cloud.

The processing of files via AltoConvertPDFtoPPT has numerous advantages. The website has no registration or trial period with limited functions. A user’s personal information is unavailable to the service. Additionally, the templates are not stored and not accessible by any third party. Both final and original versions of the document are removed from the service after page reload. This unique service works from every device and everyone can make with it an unlimited number of operations.

How To Convert PDF to PowerPoint inside Google Chrome

Since Google Chrome was released in 2008, it gained more and more popular among internet users. It can do far more than an ordinary person can realize. For example, having a Google account one can use Google Drive and synchronize data from all authorized devices. On top of the multiple pre-installed options, Chrome also serves as a basic platform for additional extensions. They are extremely widening the abilities of the browser. Document editing and conversion solutions, like Alto PDF to PPT converter for Chrome, help to process documents right from the browser.

Follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Install the extension from Chrome Webstore.
  2. Open the application by clicking at its icon, available at the upper extensions panel.
  3. Import the document by submitting at Choose File button or clicking at the Google Drive logo.
  4. Once file imported, select pages for conversion and submit choice.
  5. Download the newly converted file to your computer.

Chrome has a perfectly polished UI and it is quite versatile. It has a number of features and is easily accessible. For example, it can help you with password management, online payments, incognito mode, pre-installed starting page, etc. It also helps you create a separate profile with custom settings for kids. Since the list of its default options and extensions are growing exponentially, it is considered to be a top browser.

How To Convert PDF to PPT in Windows

Windows is a rather simple platform if we compare it with Mac. That’s because it contains only a basic set of functions. However, there is still a wide variety of software compatible with Windows that let you enrich the OS with all the needed tools. PDF document management and editing solutions are also available, as well as PDF converters. Most of them can be found at the Microsoft Store. Keep in mind, this source guarantees that you install a safe and licensed software. One just needs to select one of the solutions, either free or paid and install it. Conversion of PDF to PPT on Windows looks this way:

  1. Install the preferred software.
  2. Open the document with an app.
  3. Apply the conversion option.
  4. Save the presentation in the folder.

An additional way to convert files from a desktop computer is online services. They are available from any Windows-based desktop computers and laptops. The only thing needed is any browser connected to the Internet. And these solutions are compatible with any device and major browsers including Edge, Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Safari. Even if there are no additional browsers, except for the default one, it will also work. Some of them require registration and others do not. The majority of them are free.

How To Convert PDF to PowerPoint on Mac

It turns out Mac owners are lucky since they have the Pages program for fast PDF viewing.

This default software has numerous useful options for PDF processing. But unfortunately, conversion into PPT is not available. However, Mac users can easily select between multiple free and paid converters. For example, you can install the software to your computer or use a simple online converter or full-featured platform. Let’s take a look at how one can change the file format with a software converter available from the Mac Store:

  1. Install the software to the computer.
  2. Open your file with it.
  3. Select the conversion option and wait until the operation finishes.
  4. Save the converted presentation to the preferable folder.
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Everyone is going to have various needs and uses for this program. It depends on the frequency of use with regards to PDFs and time. The main point is that you can select a solution that fits your needs best. For example, if you regularly work with documents you will need to have a multi-functional solution. This will allow you to have all the needed tools by hand. For a one-time operation, it is better to choose a one-feature solution. It is not overloaded with multiple options and takes up less memory. But it still is able to complete the needed operation.

How To Convert PDF to PPT With Adobe Acrobat Reader

Acrobat Reader is available in free and paid versions for mobile and desktop devices.

The free app for mobile phones includes multiple options as well as a conversion. Desktop versions for Windows and Mac are paid. Before the usage of the software, you need to decide what subscription plan to use. After the end of the 7-day trial period, the payment will be withdrawn. If not, you will not have access to the solution. Subscribing at Acrobat, one gets a powerful solution with multiple PDF editing options. To make the conversion with Adobe Acrobat Reader, follow these steps:

  1. Install Acrobat to your device.
  2. Open the Document in Reader.
  3. Select the Export PDF option and specify the MS Powerpoint format.
  4. Specify the name of the new file and its location.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is available in several versions with different functions and for various platforms. Every version is carefully developed to fit mobile and desktop operating systems. It is also necessary to create an account when using Acrobat. Having authorization helps synchronize all data among various devices. Also, depending on the subscription plan, access to the cloud solution and storage is available. So choose Acrobat if you really want to have all these features in one program.

Documents to PPT are easily convertible with the AltoPDFtoPPT Converter App. All you have to do is upload or drag and drop a file either from your device or from DropBox, GoogleDrive, ICloud and click the orange button. Once the file is converted, you can choose one of the following: download, save, edit, sign and secure, share it.

Use AltoPDFtoPPT Converter to perform the conversion. After it’s finished you have several alternatives for what to do with the converted document next. You can either download, share or import it to GoogleDrive. After the import, open the document in Google Slides and continue editing.

AltoPDFtoPPT Converter is an application that will perform your conversion for free. You will also be surprised by an extremely user-friendly, easy and convenient interface. Among the significant advantages are its speed and safety. After processing of your file has been completed, you can proceed with it either online or download it to your device and then edit.

If you don’t have time to download software and need a right away solution for the conversion try AltoPDFtoPPT Converter. It will process your documents via several clicks in seconds regardless if they are stored on your computer or mobile phone or in storage systems, such as GoogleDrive, ICloud, DropBox.

You don’t need any software with AltoPDFtoPPT Converter. It does its job online, all you are required to have is an internet connection to try the application and further save the converted file. Besides, the application is compatible with major platforms, so you can use any device.

You can use AltoPDFtoPPT Converter regardless of your mobile and computer platforms. Any operating system and hardware, be it Mac, Windows or Android is completely compatible with the application.

AltoPDFtoPPT Converter allows the editability of the file after it has been processed. You can either download the presentation after conversion to your device and edit offline, or you can do it online adding new slides, uploading pictures, commenting, highlighting and erasing text.

AltoPDFtoPPT Converter doesn’t require to open the document to process it. You only need to upload it or drag and drop and after the job is done choose one of the available options — either forward it to a storage platform or share with colleagues, etc. You can open it later to proceed with it.

AltoPDFtoPPT Converter ensures the quality of the document after conversion will be preserved at the highest level. You will hardly encounter any formatting-related problems, such as breaks, spaces and page breaks. Pictures with metadata will be rendered accurately and hyperlinks will be usable and accessible in the end.

The AltoPDFtoPPT Converter Application doesn’t require any personal information, such as your email or telephone number. The only recorded data is your conversion, which will be added to the total amount of conversations reflected on the page for the statistics.

Did you know?

Nothing gets lost

The entire PDF document can be fully transformed into a PowerPoint presentation and every single page will be a separate slide. If there’s one tiny typo to fix or some other minor changes, the PDF Editor can help you to quickly take care of it. If major changes are needed in the text, using the editor is the fastest way to redo a document.

PDF to PPT Converter

Convert a PDF to PowerPoint online with just a few clicks.

Premium users gets more

  • No more waiting! Instant conversions
  • Unlimited document size
  • Convert multiple documents at once
  • Unlimited access to all our tools
  • Secure files with 256-bit SSL Encryption
  • Use on any computer anywhere
  • Priority support
  • 20 Tools to extract, convert, compress, merge and split PDFs
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Premium users gets more

  • No more waiting! Instant conversions
  • Unlimited document size
  • Convert multiple documents at once
  • Unlimited access to all our tools
  • Secure files with 256-bit SSL Encryption
  • Use on any computer anywhere
  • Priority support
  • 20 Tools to extract, convert, compress, merge and split PDFs

How to Convert PDF to PPT Free

  1. Select the PDF file you want to convert to PowerPoint.
  2. Our PDF to PowerPoint converter will turn your PDF into PPT in seconds.
  3. Download the PPT file and save it to your computer.
  4. Remaining uploaded PDF or PPT files will be deleted automatically.

The Best PDF to PPTX Converter

Our online PDF to PowerPoint converter is the best available, and you can use it free. Our easy-to-use PDF to PPT converter converts your PDF to a PowerPoint presentation in seconds, while retaining all the original formatting so you can easily edit and make changes to your PPT.

Accessible online service

If you can connect to the Internet, then you can use our free PDF to PowerPoint converter to turn PDF to PPTX or PPT on any device. Our PDF to PowerPoint converter works on any operating system.


By signing up for one of our memberships, you can get instant access to our easy-to-use PDF to PPT converter, plus our other helpful tools. Additional perks like the ability to convert multiple PDF documents, PPT or PPTX files at once and unlimited data are also available with a membership. Or, keep using our online PDF to PPTX converter for free.

Available tools

We have a suite of easy-to-use tools at your disposal. It’s so much more than just a PDF to PowerPoint converter, with tools like compression, merging, splitting, and rotating PDF files to make it easy to work with PDF documents like never before.

Secure downloads and information

When you upload a PDF, PPT, or PPTX file for conversion, at the time of download, your file will be securely encrypted using 256-bit SSL Encryption. That means your data can’t be used by anyone but you. We also won’t distribute any files or information shared with us to anyone else.

Automatically deleted files

Just in case you forget to delete any files uploaded to our PDF to PowerPoint converter, we’ll keep your information safe by automatically deleting any PDF, PPT, or PPTX files.

How to Convert PowerPoint to Word

Most PowerPoint users save their presentations in PDF when they need to print or to share a presentation with someone else. That’s why are so popular conversions from PDF to PPT and back to PDF. But sometimes you need to convert PowerPoint to Word and make edits in Microsoft Word. If you need that type of file conversion here are the best ways to convert PowerPoint to Word.

Convert PowerPoint to Word Online Free

You can use our online PDF Converter tools to convert PowerPoint to PDF first and then convert PDF to Word.

The first step is to choose PowerPoint to PDF tool from the list of PDF converters. Upload a PowerPoint file from your computer or the cloud. Click on “Drop files here to upload’’ if your file is stored locally on the same device (computer or mobile) or click on Google Drive or Dropbox if your file is stored in the cloud. The conversion starts immediately and when the file is converted, download the file.

In a few moments your file will be converted click on “Download” button to save the PDF version of your presentation.

Now open PDF to Word converter and repeat the process: upload a file and download the converted document. This time you will upload a PDF file and the end result will be a Word document.

Convert PowerPoint to Word Offline on Your Desktop

If you don’t like to use online tools, download PDF Converter Elite 5 and start the program.

There is a 7-day free trial!

Click on the “Create” button and select a PowerPoint file that you want to convert to Word. Now click on “Open button to open that file in PDF Converter Elite. Then click on cancel button X to close the file and you will be asked to save it. Before saving the file you can rename it or check out the location where the file will be saved.

Now, when you converted PPT slide to PDF, you need to open that PDF in PDF Converter Elite. You will do that by clicking on the “Open” button in the program menu.

Find the PDF file and when it is open within the program, you can choose the conversion type. In this case, you need to click the Word button in order to convert PDF to Word.

The following step is to choose between three selection options- to select the whole file, only certain area or the pages.

Finally, click the “Convert button” and that’s it.

These were two different ways to convert PowerPoint to Word. Since this type of conversion is not very common, there are not so many good tools that convert PowerPoint to Word directly. That’s why it is better to save the presentation as PDF first and then to convert it to Word.

What other conversion types would you need to use?

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